Coilology Ni80 Wire

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  • Coilology Ni80 STAPLE Wire 10ft / 3m
    The staple coil is a 8 ply ribbon wire wrapped with 36ga wire. This variation of the fused Clapton has a quicker ramp-up time due to the stacked ribbon cores. The tiny grooves in between the wraps trap e-juice and contribute to its enhanced flavor. Parameters: Wire Configuration : 8-...
    Ex Tax: 6.72€ 8.00€
  • Coilology Ni80 FRAMED STAPLE Wire 10ft / 3m
    This Framed Staple Wire is 4 ply ribbon wire sandwiched and then wrapped with 36ga (0.127mm) that normal machine can't do on the market. The outer wire is wrapped to be tightest and consistent, thus the ejuice is less likely to escape from the gaps but to be vaporized. As a result the spitback..
    Ex Tax: 6.72€ 8.00€
  • Coilology Ni80 CLAPTON Wire 10ft / 3m
    Clapton wire is created by using a thinner gauge wire tightly wrapped around a thicker gauge core. Claptons have a slower ramp up time than round wire builds, but are considered more flavorful due to their increased texture and surface area. Parameters: Wire Configuration : 24/36 ..
    Ex Tax: 5.04€ 6.00€
  • Coilology Ni80 TRI-CORE FUSED CLAPTON Wire 10ft / 3m (3-28/40)
    Tri-Core Fused Clapton is 3 ply 26ga or 28ga wire wrapped in a 36ga or 40ga wire. The Tri-core give Fused Claptons a faster ramp up time and arguably better flavor than non-fused Claptons, due to the increase in surface area. The Tri-core fused clapton spool is for the DIY lovers to spend your..
    Ex Tax: 5.88€ 7.00€
  • Coilology Ni80 MULTI-STRANDS FUSED CLAPTON Wire 10ft / 3m
    Coilology Multi Strands Fused Clapton Coils feature 9 twisted strands of 38Ga sandwiched between 2 strands of 28Ga then wrapped with a 36Ga Clapton. The outer wire is wrapped to the tightest and most consistent standard, thus liquid is less likely to escape from the gaps whilst being vaporized. ..
    Ex Tax: 8.40€ 10.00€