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  • Joyetech eRoll Mac Cartridge 0.55ml
    The Joyetech eRoll Mac Cartridge will be your best pla of eRoll Mac Vape pen/Joyetech eRoll Mac PCC Kit. The Joyetech eRoll Mac Cartridge comes with 1.2ohm coil and 0.55ml juice capacity. Parameters Capacity: 0.55ml Coil: 1.2ohm ceramic coil ..
    Ex Tax: 2.52€ 3.00€
  • Joyetech Exceed Grip Cartridge 3.5ml / 4.5ml
    Joyetech Exceed Grip Cartridge is specially designed for the newest Joyetech Exceed Grip Starter Kit. It has two different kinds of cartridge. One cartridge has 3.5ml e-liquid capacity, which adopts the 0.8ohm mesh coil for smooth vaping flavor,  and the 0.8ohm coil cannot be chan..
    Ex Tax: 3.36€ 4.00€
  • Kick MTL Ceramic Empty Pod
    Xαρακτηριστικά: ​ - Mαγνητική σύνδεση pod - Δοχείο 1.5ml - Αντίσταση 1.6ohm - Συμβατό με 50/50 VG/PG - Συμβατό 70/30 VG/PG - Συμβατό με CBD - Χωρίς διαρροές - Χωρίς Spit-Back - Xωρίς ξηρό χτύπημα ..
    Ex Tax: 2.94€ 3.50€
  • SMOK Mico Pod 1.7ml
    Parameters Juice Capacity: 1.7ml  Coil: Regular 1.0ohm coil ..
    Ex Tax: 2.94€ 3.50€
  • SMOK Nord Replacement Pod 3ml
    The SMOK Nord Pod is specially designed for the Nord Starter Kit. It comes with 3ml capacity with easy side filling system. The package includes two coils: Nord 0.6ohm mesh coil and 1.4ohm regular coil. The 0.6ohm mesh coil is designed for subohm vaping for faster heating and massive clouds..
    Ex Tax: 8.40€ 10.00€
  • VOOPOO DRAG Nano Pod Cartridge 1.0ml
    The VOOPOO Drag NANO Pod Cartridge is specially designed for the VOOPOO DRAG Nano Pod Kit. It comes with 1.0ml juice capacity and 1.8ohm coil resistance. Parameters Size: 36.3 x 15 x 7mm Capacity: 1.0ml Resistance range: 1.8ohm Material: PCTG Fill: Top Side Filling System ..
    Ex Tax: 2.94€ 3.50€
  • VOOPOO VFL Pod Cartridge 0.8ml
    Let's welcome the VOOPOO VFL Pod. It is a refillable pod cartridge with 0.8ml e-juice capacity. It comes with the ceramic coil and u-shape airflow system, which can bring you the original taste and optimal flavor. Plus the two airflow holes with different pore sizes, the VOOPOO VFL Pod can be ..
    Ex Tax: 3.36€ 4.00€
  • Artery PAL II Replacement Pod Cartridge 3ml
    The Artery PAL II Pod Cartridge is perfectly designed for the Cartridge Pod Kit. It is compatible with two coils (not included), 1.2ohm regular MTL coil and 0.6ohm mesh coil, to bring great flavor and decent vapor production. The innovative slide refilling system upgrades the juice fillin..
    Ex Tax: 4.20€ 5.00€
  • Joyetech RunAbout Pod Cartridge 2ml
    Here comes the Joyetech RunAbout Cartidge! The RunAbout pod cartridge offers a 2ml e-juice capacity to satisfy your daily need. With the side filling system, you can refill it easily and conveniently. Featuring a 1.2ohm built-in coil, the RunAbout cartridge produces optimal flavor and works gr..
    Ex Tax: 2.52€ 3.00€
  • Suorin Air Cartridge 2ml
    Suorin Air Cartridge comes with 2ml e-juice capacity. It is a replacement spare part for Suorin Air Kit. Parameters Capacity: 2ml Resistance: 1.2ohm ..
    Ex Tax: 3.36€ 4.00€
  • Suorin iShare Cartridge 0.9ml
    The Suorin iShare Cartridge is designed for iShare and iShare single. It has a 0.9ml capacity. Parameters ​Size: 76 x 17 x 9mm e-Juice Capacity: 0.9ml Resistance: 2.0ohm ..
    Ex Tax: 2.52€ 3.00€
  • SMOK Infinix Pod 2ml
    Designed for SMOK Infinix Starter Kit, the SMOK Infinix Pod is a 2ml refillable cartridge with 1.4ohm coil. With the convenient side filling design and a visual e-juice window, Infinix Pod by SMOK brings extremely simple vaping for you.  Parameters E-liquid capacity: 2ml Coil:..
    Ex Tax: 3.36€ 4.00€
  • Joyetech Exceed Edge Cartridge 2ml
    The Joyetech Exceed Edge Cartridge is designed for Exceed Edge starter kit with 2ml e-juice capacity, easy filling design, smooth air intake system and changeable EX 1.2ohm MTL head to provide original and pure flavor. Moreover, the Edge Cartridge is optimized for flavor chasing and high nicotine..
    Ex Tax: 2.10€ 2.50€
  • Lost Vape Orion Replacement Pods
    2ml Replacement Cartridges for the Lost Vape Orion Pod 0.25ohm 0.5ohm 1.0ohm ..
    Ex Tax: 4.62€ 5.50€
  • Joyetech Exceed Edge Pod Version Disposable Cartridge 2ml
    The Joyetech Exceed Edge Disposable Cartridge is designed for Exceed Edge Pod Version starter kit with 2ml e-juice capacity and easy bottom filling design. With the Built-in 1.2ohm MTL head, the Exceed Edge provides original and pure flavor for vapers. Moreover, the Edge Cartridge is optimized..
    Ex Tax: 2.10€ 2.50€
  • Smoant S8 Cartridge 2ml
    The Smoant S8 Cartridge is designed for S8 Pod Kit. It comes with 2ml juice capacity and 1.3ohm coil resistance.  It is refillable too. ..
    Ex Tax: 4.20€ 5.00€
  • Vaporesso Renova Zero Replacement Pod 2ml
    Let's welcome the Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod. It is designed for the Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod Kit with 2ml e-juice capacity, featuring the new innovative press to fill system which allows easy filling and improved leak prevention. With the unique CCELL coil, it is optimized for high nicotine s..
    Ex Tax: 3.36€ 4.00€
  • Aspire Nautilus AIO Cartridge 4.5ml
    The Aspire Nautilus Cartridge is specially designed for the Aspire Nautilus Pod Kit. It has 4.5ml e-juice capacity with easy bottom refill with a effective silicone plug in the base of the pod. And the Aspire Nautilus mainly features the Aspire's BVC coil for great flavor. Together with the..
    Ex Tax: 5.46€ 6.50€
  • Aspire Breeze 2 Replacement Pod 3ml
    Here comes the unique Aspire Breeze 2 Pod! Designed for the Aspire Breeze 2 starter kit, the Breeze 2 Pod comes with 3ml e-juice capacity and 0.6ohm coil head which adopts unique U-tech coil technology for smooth flavor and massive cloud. With the pod release buttons on each side, it is easy t..
    Ex Tax: 8.40€ 10.00€
  • Aspire Spryte Replacement Pod 3.5ml
    Here comes the unique Aspire Spryte Pod! Designed for the Aspire Spryte Starter Kit, the Spryte Pod comes with 3.5ml e-juice capacity and the Aspire's classic 1.8ohm BVC coil, which will bring you the best flavor and optimal clouds. Unlike other usual AIO pod, the Spryte Pod also features the ..
    Ex Tax: 5.04€ 6.00€
  • JUSTFOG C601 Replacement Pod 1.7ml
    The JUSTFOG C601 Pod is designed for the C601 starter kit with 1.7ml e-juice capacity. It comes with high-quality PC material and 100% organic cotton, which offers you comfortable touch feelings and pure flavor. With the easy top refill design, you will enjoy a much more convenient and amazing..
    Ex Tax: 2.52€ 3.00€
  • Justfog Minifit Replacement Pods
    Ex Tax: 2.94€ 3.50€
  • Smok ROLO Badge Replacement Pod
    Replacement Pods for Smok ROLO Badge Kit There are two filling slots on the pod, which is convenient for e-liquid filling without any leakage worries, and it also avoids the trouble of changing pods frequently. Do not inhale immediately after full filling the pod, and let the whole kit..
    Ex Tax: 2.52€ 3.00€
  • Smok FIT Kit Replacement Pods
    Replacement Pods for Smok FIT Kit ..
    Ex Tax: 2.52€ 3.00€