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  • IJOY COMBO SRDA Replacement Deck
    The deck bottom is equipped with gold-plated Squonk pin, which can be used with Squonk MODs. ​ ..
    Ex Tax: 8.40€ 10.00€
    The TFV12 PRINCE RBA Coil from SMOK is designed for TFV12 PRINCE Tank. Best choice for DIY lovers. You can build your own coil with it easily. Parameters Coil type: RBA 0.25ohm Dual Coils Quantity: 1pc/pack ..
    Ex Tax: 10.08€ 12.00€
  • VGOD PRO SubTank Replacement Coils
    The VGOD Shotgun Coils is designed for the VGOD PRO SubTank. 0.2ohm 30W-100W 0.4ohm 30W-70W ​ ..
    Ex Tax: 4.20€ 5.00€
  • Aspire Revvo Boost Replacement Coils
    Here comes the Aspire Revvo Boost Coil for Revvo Boost tank. The Revvo Boost Coil is an innovative Aspire Radial Coil (ARC) with 0.1-0.16ohm resistance. It sits horizontally in the tank similar to a "stove-top" design to increase the coil surface area greatly and bring better flavor and vapor pro..
    Ex Tax: 2.94€ 3.50€
    The IJOY COMBO SRDA Coil is designed for Combo SRDA. It comes with pre-made coil so you can replace the cotton with equipped special wrench. 0.1ohm and 0.13ohm for your selection ​ ..
    Ex Tax: 3.36€ 4.00€
  • SMOK TFV12 PRINCE Replacement Coil
    The brand new SMOK Replacement Coils are designed for TFV12 PRINCE Tank with intense clouds and optimal flavor. There are V12 Prince-Q4 0.4ohm, V12 Prince-X6 0.15ohm, V12 Prince-T10 0.12ohm, V12 Prince-M4 0.17ohm, V12 Prince Mesh 0.15ohm and V12 Prince Strip 0.15ohm for your selection. The new..
    Ex Tax: 4.20€ 5.00€
  • SMOK TFV12 King Replacement Coils
    SMOK V12 coils are designed for TFV12 atomizer with high performance. It will bring you smooth taste. V12-Q4 is a 0.15ohm quadruple coil. V12-X4 is a 0.15ohm quadruple coil. V12-T12 is a 0.12ohm duodenary coil.  ​ ..
    Ex Tax: 4.20€ 5.00€
  • Smok TFV8 V8-T8 Coil
    Ex Tax: 5.04€ 6.00€
  • Smok TFV8 X Baby Replacement Coils
    Here comes the SMOK TFV8 X-Baby Coil. The X-Baby Q2/ M2/ X4/ T6 coils are designed for 4ml TFV8 X-Baby tank. Q2 dual coil with 0.4ohm resistance and supports 40 - 80W power M2 dual coil with 0.25ohm resistance and can be compatible with 3.7V mechanical MOD such as Stick V8 X4..
    Ex Tax: 3.36€ 4.00€
  • Smok TFV8 Baby Replacement Coils
    Compatible with : TFV8 Baby Tank and TFV8 Big Baby Tank Standard Version (cannot work with TFV8 Tank) TFV12 Baby Prince Tank V8 Baby Q2 Dual core 0.4ohm (40-80W / Best 55-65W) V8 Baby T6 Sextuple core 0.2ohm (40-130W / Best 70-90W) V8 Baby T8 Octuple core 0.15ohm (50-110W /..
    Ex Tax: 3.36€ 4.00€
  • Smok Vape Pen 22 Coils
    0.3ohm ..
    Ex Tax: 2.52€ 3.00€
  • IJOY X3 Series Coils for Avenger / Captain X3 / Diamond
    The IJOY X3 Replacement Coil is designed for the Avenger / Captain X3 / Diamond subohm tank with huge vapor and nice flavor. Coil Type: X3-C1 Dual Coils 0.4ohm (60-90W) X3-C3 Sextuple Coils 0.2ohm (90-110W) X3-C2 0.3ohm (60-100W) X3-C1S 0.35ohm (40-80W) X3-Mesh 0.15ohm (40-90W) ..
    Ex Tax: 3.36€ 4.00€
  • Voopoo UFORCE Coils U2
    Ex Tax: 2.94€ 3.50€
  • Innokin Zenith Coils
    Available in either 0.8ohm or 1.6ohm resistances, these coils provide outstanding flavor and a mouth to lung experience like no other. The 1.6 Ohm Kanthal option delivers a cooler vape at lower wattages, while the 0.8ohm option delivers a warmer vape at slightly higher wattages. 1.6ohm Coil ..
    Ex Tax: 2.10€ 2.50€
  • Aramax Power Replacement Coils
    0.14ohm SUS316 55W ..
    Ex Tax: 2.94€ 3.50€
  • Wismec Elabo Coils
    WS02-NS Triple 0.25ohm Head (40W-120W) ..
    Ex Tax: 2.52€ 3.00€
  • Eleaf HW-M / HW-N Coils for ELLO Series
    Product Introduction: ​HW-M 0.15ohm Head features a new net coil technology, presenting an ultra flavorful taste with huge clouds and a longer lifespan than ever. It’s made of kanthal and is rated at 50-100 watts. HW-N 0.2ohm Head features a new net coil technology, presenting an ul..
    Ex Tax: 2.94€ 3.50€
  • Eleaf  HW Series Coils for ELLO Series
    Product Introduction: Eleaf engineered new HW series coils. Consisted of SS316L coil, they are capable of working under high wattages and compatible with various vaping modes, providing you with a large amount of vapor production. ​ Note: 1. Please first drip a few dro..
    Ex Tax: 2.52€ 3.00€
  • Eleaf Coils iJust2, Melo2, Melo3, Melo 4,Lemo3
    Compatible with: iJust 2/iJust 2 mini, MELO, MELO 2, MELO 3/MELO 3 mini/MELO 3 nano, MELO 4 D22 / MELO4 D25, LEMO 3 Notchcoil EC NC 0.25ohm 30W-60W SS316L   ECL 0.3ohm 60W-80W Kanthal EC2 0.3ohm 30W-80W Kanthal EC2 0.5ohm 30W-100W Kanthal ECML 0.75ohm 8W-25W ..
    Ex Tax: 2.27€ 2.70€
  • Eleaf GS Air / GS Drive Replacement Coils
    Parameters 0.75ohm (8W - 25W)  0.35ohm (10W - 25W) ​ ..
    Ex Tax: 1.85€ 2.20€
  • Aspire Cleito120 Coils
    Ex Tax: 4.03€ 4.80€
  • Aspire Cleito EXO Coils 0.16ohm
    0.16ohm 60W-100W ..
    Ex Tax: 4.03€ 4.80€
  • Aspire Cleito / Cleito Pro / Cleito EXO Replacement Coil
    Here comes the Aspire Cleito Pro Coil for Cleito Pro tank. It is also compatible with the standard Cleito / Cleito EXO tank. Parameters 0.5ohm Coil (60-80W) 0.15ohm Mech Coil (60-75W) 0.4ohm (40- 60W) 0.4ohm SS316L (55W-65W) ..
    Ex Tax: 3.19€ 3.80€
  • Aspire Atlantis EVO Coils
    Atlantis Evo coils are Kanthal Clapton coils with resistance 0.4ohm and 0.5ohm. Having coil options enables the EVO to achieve your preferred taste requirements when using a wide array of E-liquid flavors. 0.4Ω coils have larger airflow for greater vapor production and balanced flavor. 0.5Ω..
    Ex Tax: 3.19€ 3.80€
  • Aspire Triton Coil
    Ex Tax: 3.03€ 3.60€