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  • VGOD PRO SubTank Replacement Coils
    The VGOD Shotgun Coils is designed for the VGOD PRO SubTank. 0.2ohm 30W-100W 0.4ohm 30W-70W ​ ..
    Ex Tax: 4.20€ 5.00€
  • Joyetech NCFilmTM Heater for Cubis Max
    Here comes the Joyetech NCFilmTM Heater! It is specially designed for the Joyetech Cubis Max Atomizer. Made of Kanthal, the NCFilmTM heater takes a horizontal building way with a larger heating area, which contributes greatly to the vapor production and the flavor. The NCFilmTM heater can a..
    Ex Tax: 0.00€ 0.00€
  • Wotofo Flow Pro Mesh Coil 0.18ohm (Flow Subtank & Flow Pro Subtank)
    The Flow Pro Coil Head adopts the trending mesh-like heating element which can be seen as a finger-sized perforated metal sheet. Such coil structure with little holes evenly punched on a single sheet can provide larger contact surface than a traditional wire coil, or even larger than a mesh coil ..
    Ex Tax: 3.36€ 4.00€
  • Wotofo Flow Coil 0.25ohm (Flow Subtank & Flow Pro Subtank)
    The coil head is designed for the Wotofo Flow Subtank with resistance of 0.25ohm. It is recommended to use under wattage range from 35W to 60W. With 12 juice ports placed in four vertical lines that are evenly positioned around the coil and a large air channel, it can provide huge vapor withou..
    Ex Tax: 2.94€ 3.50€
  • Wotofo Mesh Style Coil for Profile RDA 10pcs
    This rebuildable mesh sheet is an improved and larger-sized one of our previous heating element used in Flow Pro coil head, which is proven to be superior in flavor production by the market. It is a perforated metal sheet in Kanthal A1 material. Such coil structure with little holes evenly pun..
    Ex Tax: 3.36€ 4.00€
  • IJOY COMBO SRDA Replacement Deck
    The deck bottom is equipped with gold-plated Squonk pin, which can be used with Squonk MODs. ​ ..
    Ex Tax: 8.40€ 10.00€
    The IJOY COMBO SRDA Coil is designed for Combo SRDA. It comes with pre-made coil so you can replace the cotton with equipped special wrench. 0.1ohm and 0.13ohm for your selection ​ ..
    Ex Tax: 3.36€ 4.00€
  • IJOY X3 Series Coils for Avenger / Captain X3 / Diamond
    The IJOY X3 Replacement Coil is designed for the Avenger / Captain X3 / Diamond subohm tank with huge vapor and nice flavor. Coil Type: X3-C1 Dual Coils 0.4ohm (60-90W) X3-C3 Sextuple Coils 0.2ohm (90-110W) X3-C2 0.3ohm (60-100W) X3-C1S 0.35ohm (40-80W) X3-Mesh 0.15ohm (40-90W) ..
    Ex Tax: 3.36€ 4.00€
    The TFV12 PRINCE RBA Coil from SMOK is designed for TFV12 PRINCE Tank. Best choice for DIY lovers. You can build your own coil with it easily. Parameters Coil type: RBA 0.25ohm Dual Coils Quantity: 1pc/pack ..
    Ex Tax: 10.08€ 12.00€
  • SMOK TFV12 PRINCE Replacement Coil
    The brand new SMOK Replacement Coils are designed for TFV12 PRINCE Tank with intense clouds and optimal flavor. There are V12 Prince-Q4 0.4ohm, V12 Prince-X6 0.15ohm, V12 Prince-T10 0.12ohm, V12 Prince-M4 0.17ohm, V12 Prince Mesh 0.15ohm and V12 Prince Strip 0.15ohm for your selection. The new..
    Ex Tax: 4.20€ 5.00€
  • SMOK TFV12 King Replacement Coils
    SMOK V12 coils are designed for TFV12 atomizer with high performance. It will bring you smooth taste. V12-Q4 is a 0.15ohm quadruple coil. V12-X4 is a 0.15ohm quadruple coil. V12-T12 is a 0.12ohm duodenary coil.  ​ ..
    Ex Tax: 4.20€ 5.00€
  • Smok TFV8 V8-T8 Coil
    Ex Tax: 5.04€ 6.00€
  • Smok TFV8 X Baby Replacement Coils
    Here comes the SMOK TFV8 X-Baby Coil. The X-Baby Q2/ M2/ X4/ T6 coils are designed for 4ml TFV8 X-Baby tank. Q2 dual coil with 0.4ohm resistance and supports 40 - 80W power M2 dual coil with 0.25ohm resistance and can be compatible with 3.7V mechanical MOD such as Stick V8 X4..
    Ex Tax: 3.36€ 4.00€
  • Smok TFV8 Baby Replacement Coils
    Compatible with : TFV8 Baby Tank and TFV8 Big Baby Tank Standard Version (cannot work with TFV8 Tank) TFV12 Baby Prince Tank V8 Baby Q2 Dual core 0.4ohm (40-80W / Best 55-65W) V8 Baby T6 Sextuple core 0.2ohm (40-130W / Best 70-90W) V8 Baby T8 Octuple core 0.15ohm (50-110W /..
    Ex Tax: 3.36€ 4.00€
  • Smok Vape Pen 22 Coils
    0.3ohm ..
    Ex Tax: 2.52€ 3.00€
  • Voopoo UFORCE Replacement Coils
    Ex Tax: 2.94€ 3.50€
  • Innokin Zenith Coils
    Available in either 0.5ohm, 0.8ohm or 1.6ohm resistances, these coils provide outstanding flavor and a mouth to lung experience like no other. The 1.6 Ohm Kanthal option delivers a cooler vape at lower wattages, while the 0.8ohm option delivers a warmer vape at slightly higher wattages. 1.6ohm..
    Ex Tax: 2.10€ 2.50€
  • Aramax Power Replacement Coils
    0.14ohm SUS316 55W ..
    Ex Tax: 2.94€ 3.50€
  • Wismec Elabo Coils
    WS02-NS Triple 0.25ohm Head (40W-120W) ..
    Ex Tax: 2.52€ 3.00€
  • Eleaf HW-M / HW-N Coils for ELLO Series
    Product Introduction: ​HW-M 0.15ohm Head features a new net coil technology, presenting an ultra flavorful taste with huge clouds and a longer lifespan than ever. It’s made of kanthal and is rated at 50-100 watts. HW-N 0.2ohm Head features a new net coil technology, presenting an ul..
    Ex Tax: 2.94€ 3.50€
  • Eleaf  HW Series Coils for ELLO Series
    Product Introduction: Eleaf engineered new HW series coils. Consisted of SS316L coil, they are capable of working under high wattages and compatible with various vaping modes, providing you with a large amount of vapor production. ​ Note: 1. Please first drip a few dro..
    Ex Tax: 2.52€ 3.00€
  • Eleaf Coils iJust2, Melo2, Melo3, Melo 4,Lemo3
    Compatible with: iJust 2/iJust 2 mini, MELO, MELO 2, MELO 3/MELO 3 mini/MELO 3 nano, MELO 4 D22 / MELO4 D25, LEMO 3 EC-N 0.15ohm Head 30W-70W is constructed using a style of mesh, which provides a much bigger surface area allowing for better flavor and bigger clouds. EC-M 0.15ohm Head 30..
    Ex Tax: 2.27€ 2.70€
  • Eleaf GS Air / GS Drive Replacement Coils
    Parameters 0.75ohm (8W - 25W)  0.35ohm (10W - 25W) ​ ..
    Ex Tax: 1.85€ 2.20€
  • Aspire Revvo Boost Replacement Coils
    Here comes the Aspire Revvo Boost Coil for Revvo Boost tank. The Revvo Boost Coil is an innovative Aspire Radial Coil (ARC) with 0.1-0.16ohm resistance. It sits horizontally in the tank similar to a "stove-top" design to increase the coil surface area greatly and bring better flavor and vapor pro..
    Ex Tax: 2.94€ 3.50€
  • Aspire Cleito120 Coils
    Ex Tax: 4.03€ 4.80€