Coilology Ni80 Staple Alien HANDCRAFTED Coils 2pcs/box

Coilology Ni80 Staple Alien HANDCRAFTED Coils 2pcs/box

Brand: Coilology
Product Code: Coilology Ni80 Staple Alien HANDCRAFTED Coils 2pcs/box
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Staple Alien is 100% HANDCRAFTED in the whole procedure, created with eight ply of ribbon wire, wrapped in a de-cored and stretched Clapton that is wound to produce the wavy Alien look.

Staple Alien is variation over standard Alien coil, using multiple ribbon wire as core.

Same as Alien Coil , due to this configuration the surface tension of the liquid is fully taken advantage of by making the coil.

This coil sucks juice off of the wick with capillary action created by its wire .

This coil is flavor chasing type of coil.


  • Wire Configuration : 8-.1*.3/36
  • Inner Diameter : 2.5mm
  • Wraps : 5
  • Material : Ni80
  • Resistance : Single 0.28ohm / Double 0.14ohm
  • Quantity : 2pcs / box
  • Includes also 1pc organic cotton

  • Our Coils are intended for EXPERIENCED users.
  • Coil resistances may vary slightly depending on the RDA/RTA and how accurately the mod reads the coils.
  • Length of the leads go in to post holes will effect the resistance as well.
  • All our coils have been tested several times to get the most accurate reading possible.
  • Knowledge on battery safety and ohms law is strongly recommended. 
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