Mad Juice Grannie's Ripe (6x10ml) 60ml E-Liquid

Mad Juice Grannie's Ripe (6x10ml) 60ml E-Liquid

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Product Code: Mad Juice Grannie's Ripe (6x10ml) 60ml E-Liquid
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The smell from the bottle is a dream, something inexplicably sweet. When inhaled the feeling is creamy and full of sweet strawberries flavor. On exhalation strawberry becomes more intense and you feel a little bit the biscuit which completes the taste, while in the exhalation from the nose, strawberry has the aromatic character which had during inhalation also. The aftertaste that leaves in the mouth is creamy and sweet. Suitable for anyone who loves creams and sweet flavors.

Primary Flavors : Milk, Strawberry, Biscuit

30% PG / 70% VG

Made in Cyprus

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