Summer Sins Melody Shake (12ml for 60ml)

Summer Sins Melody Shake (12ml for 60ml)

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Creamy cantalupe honeydey gummy candy.

Summer Sins are concentrated flavors 12ml and come in bottles of 60ml.


Add Nicotine Booster Royal Vape Nicotine Shot    then fill up the bottle with 0mg Base.

  • For 0mg fill up the bottle with 0mg Base
  • For 3mg nicotine add 9ml of 20mg/ml Booster. 
  • For 6mg nicotine add 18ml of 20mg/ml Booster.
  • For 9mg nicotine add 27ml of 20mg/ml Booster.
  • For 11mg nicotine add 36ml of 20mg/ml Booster.

For maximum steaming experience, steeping is recommended for a few days.

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