Mad Juice The Cookie Family Biscoffe Dailys 30ml for 120ml

Mad Juice The Cookie Family Biscoffe Dailys 30ml for 120ml

Brand: Mad Juice
Product Code: Mad Juice The Cookie Family Biscoffe Dailys
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The delicious journey begins with a sweet coffee, accompanied by crisp cinnamon cookies.

The creamy taste of Irish Baileys combined with delicious caramel, hazelnut cream and a dark, velvety bourbon vanilla with roasted almond notes will give you a deeper dive into the tasting experience.


The 120ml Mad Shake Bottle contains 30ml of concentrated perfume, which is enough to produce 120ml e-liquid.

1.Add the base of your choice. (VG, PG)

Suggested analogy is 70% VG / 30% PG



  • For 3mg nicotine you need: 20ml of nicotine base and 70 ml of zero
  • For 6mg nicotine you need: 40ml of nicotine base and 50ml of zero
  • For 9mg nicotine you need: 55ml of nicotine base and 35ml of zero
  • For 12mg nicotine you need: 75ml of nicotine base and 15ml of zero
  • For 15mg nicotine you need: 90ml of nicotine base

2.Shake well and let the contents mature.

   Suggested steeping period 5 to 15 days.

*The above examples are calculated on a base of Mad Juice with 20mg / ml nicotine 

** If you need more than 1 nicotine bottle it is recommended to shake well before adding the next

*** The original 30ml perfume contained is considered 100% PG from the manufacturer

**** This bottle is Chubby Gorilla 120ml and contains enough perfume (30ml) to make 120ml of e-liquid.

CAUTION: This product is not intended for immediate use. It is a concentrated fragrance and needs further treatment and dissolution.

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