ELIQUID FRANCE Major Mix & Vape 30/70ml

ELIQUID FRANCE Major Mix & Vape 30/70ml

Product Code: ELIQUID FRANCE Major Mix & Vape 30/70ml
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Lightly sweetened cereals on a base of gourmet vanilla tobacco accompanied by delicious cookies.

The product is concentrated aroma 30ml in a 70ml bottle.

Add Nicotine Booster of your choice, then fill up the bottle with 0mg Base.

  • For 3mg nicotine add 10ml of 20mg/ml Booster. 
  • For 6mg nicotine add 20ml of 20mg/ml Booster.
  • For 9mg nicotine add 30ml of 20mg/ml Booster.
  • For 11mg nicotine add 40ml of 20mg/ml Booster.

Manufactured in France in accordance with European Union standards.

Warning:  The product can not be used directly, needs dilution with bases intended for use with electronic cigarette.

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