GEEK BAR Disposable Vape Pen by Geekvape 575 Puffs

GEEK BAR Disposable Vape Pen by Geekvape 575 Puffs

Brand: Geekvape
Product Code: GEEK BAR Disposable Vape Pen by Geekvape 575 Puffs
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The GEEK BAR Disposable Vape comes with pre-refilled 2% nicotine salt juice with 500mAh high voltage battery.

And the GEEK BAR Disposable Pod Device can bring you about 575 puffs.

Featuring constant output and consistent taste system, the GEEK BAR Disposable Pod Device must bring you dense clouds and amazing flavour.

Comes with 2ml capacity.

Main Features:

  • 2% Nic Salt pre-refilled juice for real &smooth taste
  • Solid Throat hit with deep satisfaction
  • Fashion Design with comfortable hand feeling

Various delicious flavors are available 

  • BLUEBERRY ICE : Refreshing, sweet but a bit of tarty.
  • PEACH ICE: Mouth-watering, sweet, and mellow.
  • WATERMELON ICE : Fresh, sweet, and excessively fruity.
  • SWEET STRAWBERRY : Tasteful, juicy with lingering sweet.
  • BANANA ICE : Mildly sweet, creamy, and smooth.
  • LYCHEE ICE : Unique, super fresh and sweet.
  • SOUR APPLE : Green, tangy with sour aftertaste.
  • MANGO ICE : Zesty, extremely toothsome, and sweet.
  • MENTHOL : Soothing, cooling and refreshing.
  • TOBACCO : Classic, potent, and earthy.
  • STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM : Creamy, dreamy, gives you all the summer feels.
  • GRAPE : Juicy and sugary, just a pleasurable experience.
  • PASSION FRUIT : Fruity! And tart! provides tropical sweets.
  • GREEN MANGO : A taste that you might, associate with Thai foods.
  • BLUEBERRY SOUR RASPBERRY : Nostalgic flavor of sweet tangy Blue Raspberry.
  • BLUEBERRY COTTON CANDY :  Beautiful aroma of blueberries and cotton candy.
  • KIWI PASSION FRUIT: Kiwi tartness and sweetness citrucy, wonderful tropical experience.
  • BLACKCURRANT MENTHOL: Lozenges and blackberry aniseed with an ice cold exhale.
  • BLUEBERRY BUBBLE GUM: Iresistible blend of blueberries and bubblegum.
  • GEEKBERK: A one of a kinf blue slushie flavor well known across the world.
  • PINK LEMONADE: Homemade lemonade with crushed strawberries.
  • LEMON TART: A sweet tart, tangy lemon treat with a buttery crust.


  • Size: 23.2 × 14.3 × 105mm
  • Battery: 500mAh inbuilt battery


Package Contents: 1 x GEEK BAR Disposable Vape

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