Mad Juice Fizz Freeze Mango Bango

Mad Juice Fizz Freeze Mango Bango

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The mango has arrived! MANGO is a classic idea and difficult to implement as it sounds like a simple flavor.

But MANGO BANGO has a completely different cool feeling that will take you to the sunny, carefree shores of the Caribbean islands, the Philippines and magical parts of India at the same time.

This bright and fresh blend of the juice of the three best mango varieties from the most exotic parts of the planet in combination, like the rest of the FIZZ FREEZE series of MAD JUICE, with the feeling of coolness of carbonate will accompany you all year round.

The mature taste of one and the acidity with the sweetness of the other two will alternate in your taste buds. A formula for all seasons! fruits!

The product cannot be used directly,  it needs dilution with bases intended for e-liquid production (sold separately).


Add the desired ingredients and shake well.

For maximum steaming experience, steeping is recommended for a few days.

Bottle content: Concentrated Aroma.


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