Mad Juice Mad Shake Banned + 65ml VG in Gorilla Bottle (20ml for 100ml)

Mad Juice Mad Shake Banned + 65ml VG in Gorilla Bottle (20ml for 100ml)

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Our Banana Biscuit Bread Vape Juice is a complex dessert vape that showcase mouth-watering flavors just like warm homemade Banana Biscuit Caramel bread straight out of the oven!

The top note on this juice is predominantly banana, and on the exhale, warm homemade moist biscuit bread with hints of caramel shines and stays through the after taste.

You will never need to bake again. This Vape Juice is Spot on taste and produce thick clouds of vape.


The 120ml Mad Shake Bottle contains 20ml of concentrated perfume, which is enough to produce 100ml e-liquid.

1.Add the base of your choice. (VG, PG)

Suggested analogy is 70% VG / 30% PG

*On the packaging you will find a table of proportions


  • For 3mg nicotine you need: 15 ml of nicotine base and 65 ml of zero
  • For 6mg nicotine you need: 30ml of nicotine base and 50ml of zero
  • For 9mg nicotine you need: 45ml of nicotine base and 35ml of zero
  • For 12mg nicotine you need: 60ml of nicotine base and 20ml of zero
  • For 16mg nicotine you need: 80ml of nicotine base

2.Do not fill the bottle up to the top.

3.Shake well and let the contents mature.

   Suggested steeping period 5 to 15 days.

*The above examples are calculated on a base of Mad Juice with 20mg / ml nicotine 

** If you need more than 1 nicotine bottle it is recommended to shake well before adding the next

*** The original 20ml perfume contained is considered 100% PG from the manufacturer

**** This bottle is Chubby Gorilla 120ml and contains enough perfume (20ml) to make 100ml of e-liquid.

***** The box contains 1 Chubby Gorilla 120ml bottle with 20ml concentrated aroma and a second bottle with 65ml vegatable glycerine Mad Juice.

CAUTION: This product is not intended for immediate use. It is a concentrated fragrance and needs further treatment and dissolution.

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